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derigo | Energy and Infrastructure

Innovative technologies for renewable and conventional energy sources offer considerable value creation potential at times of ecological change.

derigo’s focus in the area of renewable energy is on long-term investments in the wind power and solar energy sectors and on carefully selected repowering projects at existing wind farms. Furthermore, innovative facilities based on conventional energy sources will also be part of this along with the necessary infrastructure needed for the generation, transport and storage of electricity, gas and thermal energy. The development of tangible asset investment opportunities for investors depends on future market conditions and, in particular, on the support of renewables.


Energy and infrastructure focus:

  • Long-term investments in the wind and solar sectors
  • Repowering existing wind farms
  • Innovative facilities based on conventional sources of energy
  • Other carefully selected energy projects
  • Infrastructure projects involving the generation, transport and storage of electricity, gas and thermal energy
  • Public–private partnership (PPP) projects 

Repowering involves first-generation wind turbines being replaced by modern turbines. Making more efficient use of a wind energy site by halving the number of turbines and doubling the turbines’ power output can result in up to a threefold return on the investment. 

The BVT Group’s expertise:
Since the 1980s, BVT has acquired considerable expertise in the development and management of numerous environmentally friendly projects and projects that aid the environment, including in the areas of wind power and solar energy, combined heat and power, biogas and public–private partnerships. 

Our conviction

Drawing on our many years of experience in the market and with our pronounced quality ethos, we develop and manage sound investments in tangible assets for our investors with the aim of investing capital wherever it can work productively.