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1. Scope

This legal disclaimer applies to the website of derigo GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as “we”). It does not apply to websites to which we merely refer to by  a link.

2. Responsibility

As a Service Provider within the meaning of the Telemediengesetz (TMG – German Telemedia Services Act), we are responsible for our own information which we make available on our website, in accordance with general laws.

Our responsibility for external information is limited in accordance with the legal provisions, in particular in accordance with the principles established regarding interferer (Störer) responsibility and pursuant to §§ 7 ff. TMG. Should third party information on our website give cause for a complaint, we kindly ask that you notify us. You can use the contact form on our website to do so.

A distinction must be made between our own information on our website and links to information provided by other service providers. Such information is the sole responsibility of the service provider who offers said information as their own. The information maintained on such websites may be amended at any time without our knowledge. Should our web pages include links to websites which give rise to a complaint, we kindly ask that you notify us. You can use the contact form on our website to do so. 

3. Copyrights and rights of use

Our website is legally protected, both as a whole and in parts. Specifically, the content of and files on our website are protected by German copyright law and by international treaties. The same applies to the selection and arrangement of information, texts, messages, tables, graphics, maps, images and video sequences.

Insofar as we are the owner of copyrights and rights of use, you are authorised by us to print content from our website for personal use. The same applies to the downloading and saving of content, insofar as this is for personal use.

In all other cases, any form of use, in particular the copying, reproducing, adapting or distribution of legally protected content and/or making such content publicly available, is – unless permitted by law – subject to the prior approval of the holder of the rights. In particular, we do not agree that a web page or file which is part of our website will be incorporated into a frame by means of a link or being displayed by means of, for example, inline links such that the impression is given that the web page or file which is part of our website appears to be part of some other website.


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